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View the performance data from the Solar Power facility at Australian Technology Park

ATPSL is serious about the environment and is implementing a range of sustainable initiatives for a happier park – and a happier planet!

The Sustainability Strategy complements ATPSL’s vision to create a world-class technology park through leadership, innovation, sustainability and community engagement. 

The strategy has been created with the guidance and insight of the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (previously Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water) and is being rolled out with the support of ATP tenants and relevant stakeholders.

Sustainability goals

ATPSL has set a number of goals to minimise its impact on the environment and to create a more sustainable future. These include:

1. Establish sustainability commitment, vision and goals;
2. Gather information to establish baselines for utilities, waste, consumables and buildings;
3. Establish corporate sustainability targets;
4. Prevent environmental harm;
5. Achieve international environmental best practice; and
6. Obtain buy-in engagement from all relevant stakeholders (staff, tenants, clients, stallholders etc

    2020 targets

    • Water consumption - 25% reduction by June 2020
    • Gas consumption - 30% reduction by June 2020
    • Energy usage – 30% reduction by June 2020
    • Waste to landfill – 50% reduction by June 2020
    • Recycled paper use - 95% reduction by June 2020

      Recent initiatives

      • ATPSL has reduced its waste by 25 per cent. This reduction has been achieved through waste management initiatives to separate waste to landfill from recyclable waste and paper/cardboard as well as ongoing campaigns to raise awareness about recycling. Other waste management initiatives such as compostable waste streams are also being investigated.
      • Efficient lighting has replaced the conventional lights in certain areas of the Park including the Locomotive Workshops and Innovation Plaza. The new lights are consuming 60 per cent less electricity. Based on this, a lighting upgrade throughout the Park is being developed for implementation in 2011/12.
      • A 61kW solar power generating facility on top of the NICTA Building was commissioned in October 2011. An important plank in ATPSL’s Sustainability strategy, the system deploys high efficiency single crystal photovoltaic technology and is generating the equivalent amount of energy that would power 12 average households. For detailed information on the system, click here.
      • Water usage analysis is currently underway to look at the feasibility of rainwater capture and reuse. The results will shape how ATPSL will create sustainable water use throughout the Park to achieve its water reduction target.
      • An in-depth analysis of energy consumption patterns has identified specific opportunities, primarily relating to air conditioning systems, for energy use efficiency. This is a critical component of ATPSL’s ongoing facilities management programme.

      Sustainability strategy

      Read the full report here.
      Read the sustainability brochure here.

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