Public Transport

Public Transport initiatives at ATP

ATPSL encourages all tenants and visitors to catch public transport when travelling to and from ATP.

Click here to see Railcorp's presentation on their online corporate ticketing options.

Click here to view a presentation from Transport NSW on their 131500 service and the easiest options for travelling to ATP.

Fur further information on travelling to ATP via public transport click on the images below.

Australian Technology Park, Public Transport

Australian Technology Park, Public Transport


GoGet at ATP
GoGet car sharing is now available in the Park. With no monthly membership fee, tenants are invited to sign up with GoGet ( and register drivers. Alternatively you can call GoGet any day between 9am and 5:30pm to sign up over the phone on 1300769389. Members of the public are also invited to use the cars whent hey sign up to GoGet individually.

The cars are located in two dedicated spaces in the lower car park near the intersection of Central Avenue & Mitchell Way.

The concept of car sharing is gaining increasing appeal as a cost effective alternative to operating a corporate fleet. The user pays only for time used and kilometres travelled - and does not pay separately for fuel.

The compelling advantages of car sharing include:

• allows people to live car-free
• decreases car usage
• improves local air quality  
• removes private cars from local streets
• increases patronage for public transport
• allows people to lead more active lives


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