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Australian Technology Park (ATP) has been continuously developed since its establishment in 1996, but the vision for the Park has remained the same: to sustain a thriving, technology-focused, growth-oriented business park producing leading products and services.

As owner of ATP, UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation (UGDC) has actively encouraged new development and employment opportunities at the Park. For instance, the Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan and the State Environment Planning Policy provided the opportunity to create a total of 222,486 sqm of gross floor space.

In 2013, UrbanGrowth NSW on behalf of UGDC sought Registrations of Interest (ROI) in the possible development of three sites within the Park. Strong responses to the ROI process demonstrated that the best option for ATP to meet its long-term objectives would be to proceed to Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the sale of the whole Park.

In late 2014, UrbanGrowth NSW launched the EOI to enable further development of the Park consistent with the vision set out for ATP, and to unlock the capital tied up in owning the asset.

Selling the Park as a whole will give any future owners or developers the flexibility to manage the Park and its attributes on a whole-of-site basis, consistent with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005 and ensuring a vested interest in the success of the Park, including its heritage, community engagement and sustainability programs.

For more information about the EOI, contact ATP on +61 2 9209 4220 or via

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ATP being sold?

The NSW Government is considering the sale of ATP to realise the capital locked in the asset, including for possible reinvestment in the transformation of the Central to Eveleigh corridor (in which ATP is located). It will also enable further development of the Park, consistent with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Development) 2005.

If the EOI generates the level of interest expected, and meets the Government's view of the overall value of ATP (in terms of price, and public benefits like access, heritage and employment), the site will be offered for sale by tender. Ultimately, any sale would need to be approved by the Minister for Planning.

The ROI in late 2013 showed that there is substantial market interest in the site. The next step is to proceed with an EOI to confirm the market interest, and to help determine a fair sale price.

How will EOIs be assessed and evaluated?

·         The Government recognises the importance of heritage, public access and sustainability at ATP. Any organisation submitting an EOI has been asked to address their expertise in these areas in their submission, including: experience in significant master-planned developments and business parks that embrace heritage and community outcomes; a relevant track record in developments involving conservation and sustainability; and provision of public access to and through the Park.

When will the Park be sold?
Should the Minister for Planning decide that the EOI and tender process produce a satisfactory submission that meets the Government’s objectives, it is currently anticipated that the Park will be sold sometime in 2015.

What will happen to the buildings and businesses at ATP?
The buildings and tenants at ATP are under a number of head leases and sub-leases, or medium- and long-term leases - and any future owner is contractually obligated to honour these commitments. It will be business as usual for existing tenants at ATP.

Further information for ATP tenants can be downloaded by clicking here.

Will the technology and research focus of the Park continue?
A number of major tenants already located at ATP promote its identity as a technology and research hub. These include the 2014 Business Incubator of the Year, ATP Innovations, as well as the University of Sydney, the University of NSW, the Defence, Science and Technology Organisation, NICTA, Media City, and many others.

Sale of the Park to a prospective developer or business will be determined by their potential to make the Park a viable place for business, now and into the future. Through the ROI process, interest has been shown in the Park from proponents considering traditional commercial uses as well as hotels, gymnasiums, and other retail offers.

Has a decision been made on the future of ATP’s Conference and Exhibition Centre?
The value of the Conference and Exhibition Centre to Government and the Park as a whole has been explored as part of a strategic review, and it is currently anticipated that the Centre will continue with business as usual into at least 2017. If the Park is sold, the Conference and Exhibition Centre may become a tenant at the Park.

Will the heritage of the site be affected by the sale?
ATP forms part of the former Eveleigh Railway and Locomotive Workshops State Heritage Register listing, and a Conservation Management Plan has been prepared for ATP and endorsed by the NSW Heritage Council.

The industrial heritage of the Park is important to ATP’s identity, and is maintained and managed in accordance with the Heritage Act, 1977. The EOI will ask prospective owners to demonstrate their capacity and experience in relation to heritage matters.


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