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Art of Multimedia | transforming communication

Art of Multimedia (AOM) develops and delivers innovative, integrated external and internal communication solutions. Their creative tools can include videos, electronic/print texts, interpretative information, multimedia, digital/print signage, websites, phone and tablet apps.

Working closely with clients they help improve performance by identifying, accessing and producing communication resources.

Their experienced and passionate team includes communication strategists, producers, directors, writers, digital designers, programmers, editors and production crew.

AOM works across all business sectors, for global, local, large and SME organisations. Such as;
• Government/ Not-for-profit: Roads and Maritime Services, Parramatta City Council, Sydney Water, CSIRO Discovery Centre, Australian Museum.
• Corporate: Campbell Arnott’s, OneSteel, Transfield Services, ACCOR.

 “We aim to develop the most effective communication for you,” says AOM Director Beata Kade. “We can help clarify your objectives, devise creative concepts, and design and produce engaging content and resources.“ 

For a full insight into what we do, case studies and portfolio visit:

Tel: +61 2 9209 4309
Suite 3015, Bay 3, Locomotive Workshop