Volunteering for ATP’s Heritage Program

Australian Technology Park (ATP), once the site of Eveleigh Railyards -- Australia’s largest steam locomotive workshop -- is now managed by Australian Technology Park Sydney Ltd (ATPSL) as a centre for technology, ATPSL Heritage Volunteers, Richard and Colcommunications and science.

ATPSL runs a Heritage Volunteer program where participants play an integral role in maintaining and promoting the Park’s heritage. ATPSL are looking for people with a passionate interest in Australia’s industrial past to join a committed team of part-time-volunteers.

ATP Heritage Volunteers add significant value to the Park by:

1. Assisting with cataloguing and conservation of heritage assets
2. Guiding visitors and interpreting heritage assets at ATP
3. Providing directions to visitors across the broader ATP precinct

The Heritage Volunteer program attracts people with a range of backgrounds and skills, a commitment and passion for preserving and showcasing the site’s heritage, and a genuine desire to share the experience with the broader community.

Tell us Your Story

ATPSL compiles the stories of the people who worked at, or lived near, the Eveleigh Railyards for use in heritage education. To provide the story of your connection to Eveleigh and the Park, you can submit your story via the Eveleigh Stories website at

Becoming a volunteer

As with all employment, ATP’s volunteers and ATPSL have complementary rights & responsibilities. These are set out in ATPSL's Volunteer Code of Practice and Code of Conduct.

For an information pack with further details, please contact ATP Facilities Coordinator Harley Imber at or (02) 83985653. You can also download a Heritage Volunteer Application Form. For more information on the volunteer role please see ATPSL Volunteer - What you can expect from us.

ATPSL welcomes applications from people with a disability.

Following successful completion of their training, ATPSL Volunteers are initially engaged for a three month trial period. During these three months, new volunteers are teamed with a “buddy” to provide support and mentoring through the early period of service.

Reference & Security Checks

Standard reference checks are undertaken for each applicant.

Child Protection legislation requires employees and volunteers to complete and sign a “Prohibited Employment Declaration” and a “Working with Children Check Employment Screening Consent Form”.

The Child Protection Act makes it an offence for a person convicted of a serious sex offence (a Prohibited Person) or a Registrable Person under the Child Protection (Offences Registration) Act 2000, to apply for, undertake or remain in, child related employment.

ATPSL welcomes visits from supervised children and young people under the age of 18.

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