Staff Profile - Wayne Dargan

Meet Koori Job Ready Project Manager and Mentor, Wayne Dargan

At work ... I’m a project manager for recruiting, placing and mentoring Aboriginal people in training and employment...That’s what my business card reads, but my job entails a whole lot more than that! Australian Technology Park Staff Profile, Wayne Dargan, Koori Job Ready

My first job ... was as a strapper at the local farm when I was 15, pre training horses for the trainers part time.

My favourite part of the park ... the Blacksmiths Workshop in Bays 1 & 2, I’m a lover for the olden days and the way people used to live.

An influence that shaped my life ...  growing up and still to this day, my dad is my hero.

The place where I grew up ...  I grew up in the south west of Sydney.

My best choice ... I’m living my dream every day.

If I could wave a magic wand ...  there would be no family that goes hungry, all kids would live life like children should, new laws would be introduced to reduce crime rates in Australia, animal cruelty would not exist and respect for adults (or elders) would come back.

The highlight of my week ... I have a few…
1. Seeing the personality’s transform and the confidence grow with the students at Koori Job Ready.
2. Changing lives day in and day out through employment.